• PayPal’s Xoom international money transfer service has partnered with Visa to enable debit card holders to receive funds directly within minutes.
• The new service is available in 25 countries including the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Ukraine and Vietnam.
• This new service will help customers quickly send money to their family and friends during the winter and holidays.

PayPal’s international money transfer service, Xoom, has recently partnered with financial services firm Visa to introduce a new product that allows users in the United States to send money directly to Visa debit card holders. This innovative service is available in 25 different countries, and it offers users the convenience of transferring funds quickly and securely.

The partnership with Visa allows debit card users to receive funds within minutes, eliminating the need to wait five business days, which is the average waiting time for traditional wire transfers. This new service is a great benefit for customers who want to quickly send money to their family and friends during the winter and holidays.

Wei-Lin Lee, PayPal’s vice president of remittances, said that this new product is also beneficial for customers who want to send money across international borders. Lee explained that this product is especially helpful during times when customers need to send money urgently. He believes that the expanded service will help users around the world to quickly access the funds they need.

The partnership between Xoom and Visa offers customers a secure and convenient way to transfer money around the world. With the new service, users can send money to their friends and family in 25 countries within minutes, allowing for a faster and more reliable way to access funds. This will be a great advantage for customers who need to send money globally, and it is a great example of how technology can help to make money transfers more efficient and secure.

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