• Worldwide Webb founder Thomas Webb explains the role of interoperability in Web3 ecosystems.
• Interoperability enables users to display their loyalty and access token-gated experiences.
• Brands can use interoperability to cross-collaborate, reach their users and create value.

Interoperability in Web3 Ecosystems

Worldwide Webb founder Thomas Webb recently spoke with NFT Steez about the future impact of interoperability in Web3 and the metaverse. By definition, interoperability is a feature of Web3 whereby a product or system can work seamlessly across platforms with other products or services. According to Webb, this feature allows users to display their loyalty and gain access to token-gated experiences, while brands use it to cross-collaborate, reach their users and create value.

What Is Interoperability?

Webb defines interoperability simply as “creating a token — a nonfungible token (NFT)” since at its most basic level no one can control it besides the creator. The ability for applications to work together on a larger scale opens up endless possibilities for creativity and collaboration within the metaverse.

Token Gated Experiences

Webb discussed how interoperable applications can create profound impacts by allowing users to get closer to authentic experiences by using tokens as an access pass for events and perks. Through the integration of these tools, brands are able to collaborate more easily, reach out to more people and generate more value from what they produce.

Benefits Of Interoperability

Interoperability facilitates collaboration between different teams or individuals who are all creating content that is connected in some way. This helps grow communities of creators who share common interests and goals which can be mutually beneficial for everyone involved because they have access to an ever increasing pool of resources that they may not otherwise have had access too without such connections being created through these systems


The potential impact of interoperable systems is only beginning to be understood but has already been seen with creative projects like Worldwide Webb that are leveraging these new technologies in innovative ways. As networks become more interconnected through such developments we will undoubtedly see even greater opportunities arise from them that will ultimately benefit both creators and audiences alike

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