• Google Play Store has officially allowed nonfungible token (NFT) games on its store, but with some limitations.
• NFT company Dapper Labs has completed its third round of layoffs.
• A blockchain gaming platform has enabled an automated refund feature for NFT purchases and a blockchain-based game is spiking daily transaction volumes on the Sui Network.

Google Play Store Allows NFT Games

Google Play Store recently published new blockchain-based content policies, including allowing NFT games. The company stated that the new policies are designed to “open new ways to transact blockchain-based digital content” within applications and games. Despite being open to NFTs and blockchain gaming content, the company also clarified that developers must clearly state the feature in their game descriptions. Gambling is not allowed.

Dapper Labs Cuts Staff

NFT company Dapper Labs has announced another round of layoffs, cutting 51 more employees from its team. According to the company, the decision was necessary to keep the firm lean and efficient. This marks the third time the company laid off staff in less than a year; they cut 22% of their employees in November 2022 and 20% in February 2023.

Refundable NFT Program

Blockchain gaming startup Spielworks and Web3 platform Mycelium Network have partnered to create an NFT project that allows automated refunds for NFT purchases. Through a smart contract, anyone who wants a refund only needs to click one button and exchange the NFTs with a pool of funds. This gives users material drops when used within a blockchain game as well as mining power.

On-Chain Tile Game Spikes Daily Txns on Sui Network

Data platform Sui 8192, an on-chain tile-sliding game, has caused a huge spike in daily transactions on the Sui Network lately. Players can slide tiles around to make matches of three or more identical pieces; this increases their score while decreasing available moves until they run out or achieve high scores — all using cryptocurrency rewards for playing!

Bank of America Training Employees Inside Metaverse

In other news, Bank Of America is training its employees inside virtual worlds with help from Silicon Valley start-up High Fidelity’s metaverse platform — giving them access to digital versions of office settings such as boardrooms and cubicles where they can practice customer service skills before engaging real customers over video calls or other communication channels!

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