• OpenSea, a non-fungible token platform, fell prey to a phishing attack in February 2022, resulting in the theft of $1.7 million.
• Blockchain users lost an estimated $3.9 billion to fraudulent activity in 2022 alone, highlighting the need for improved security within the crypto space.
• Companies can implement standard protocols and focus on education to better protect users from malicious activity as blockchain technology continues to grow in popularity.

Crypto Security Must Improve

The February 2022 OpenSea phishing attack resulted in over $1.7 million worth of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) being stolen from users and highlighted the need for improved security within the crypto space. Blockchain users reportedly lost an additional $3.9 billion to fraudulent activity that same year, making it clear that companies must take steps now if they want blockchain technology to achieve mass adoption.

Identifying Malicious Activity

In this specific case, hackers were able to use victims’ signatures to transfer ownership without paying for the NFTs by taking advantage of the open-source Wyvern Protocol and signing incomplete contracts seemingly at OpenSea’s request. As such, companies must learn how to identify malicious activity and ensure smart contracts are resilient and protected from scams in order for them to be effective.

Better Processes Needed

OpenSea has since reversed some of its policies after 80% of NFTs minted for free on its platform were found to be plagiarized or spam, but relying on trust in developers is not a foolproof way to assess risk as they could potentially use APIs for malicious purposes if proper protocols are not established and enforced. Companies must put better processes into place if they want their customers to feel secure using their platforms as blockchain technology continues gaining popularity.

Focus on Education

To prevent more incidents like these from happening again, companies should prioritize education when it comes to understanding how smart contracts work so that users know what they are signing up for before agreeing or releasing any personal information or funds online. By focusing on educating users about cryptocurrencies and implementing better security protocols within their systems, companies will be better equipped serve their customers moving forward as blockchain technology becomes increasingly popular around the world.


Ultimately, if cryptocurrency is ever going to become widely adopted by mainstream society then breaches like these must end soon which means companies utilizing blockchain will have no choice but improve their security measures going forward or face significant losses due customer mistrust and lack of usage ultimately leading a decrease in profits and overall user engagement with their platforms .

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