Processes and Requirements

Processes and Requirements – the framework of smartrail 4.0.

The measures of the first four subprogrammes call for adjustments to many processes. To better coordinate these processes and thus reduce complexity, they are being developed within the overarching “Processes and requirements” subprogramme.

All subprogrammes of smartrail 4.0 are highly interrelated. Technological progress in the fields of the “Traffic Management System (TMS)” or the “European Train Control System (ETCS)”, for example, represents the mainstay of “Automatic Train Operation (ATO)”. “Processes and requirements” creates a framework around the first four programmes and ensures that the functional architecture is the same for all new systems, from planning to billing. Without this, there is the danger of unnecessary discontinuities and interfaces in the individual systems and thus unnecessary complexity and fault susceptibility.

The subprogramme also addresses other themes. For example, technological innovations will in future have to be aligned with statutory provisions. Digitalisation also has consequences for some jobs. All partners of smartrail 4.0 are committed to establishing a dialogue with affected staff so that we can seize the opportunities arising from digitalisation and develop a new working environment through co-operation.